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Sammy Wright set to Return to Oatley

Sammy Wright set to Return to Oatley

​Star Prop, All round Nice Guy and Post Training Sausage Eating Champion Samuela Wright is currently in contractual negotiations which could see his triumphant return to Evatt Park wearing the Green and Gold. 

It is believed that Sammy's management team opened discussions with the Oatley Rugby Club, however, we were unable to contact them for further comment. 

A Spokesman representing Oatley Rugby Club's 4th Grade Team advised that Sammy would be a very welcome addition to the team, He advised that there were many hurdles to overcome to make this a reality, but said if Sammy returned, he would ensure that at least one monthly post training BBQ would take place. 

Sammy's former team mate, Brendan Lal welcomed the idea of his return. he said "We need a Samuela" . 

Negotiations are currently still underway..........

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