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U11 Round 1 vs St Ives

U11 Round 1 vs St Ives

Under 11's Game 1 - St Ives vs Oatley @ Hassel Park

Before the game I asked the players to give a good account of themselves on the field. I was nervous, not sure how our plans would pan out. Had we done enough together at training. With a few new faces in the squad, and being the first time a few of the lads were to take to a Rugby Pitch, things could go well or they could go poorly.

Would the boys all Gel together? Would they hold a defensive line together? Would the boys work together for the best team outcome?

Straight after the Refs whistle blew to signal time on, we kicked off, put on a good team chase, created bit of Pressure and Chanze was able to rip the ball off the St Ives Player and head over for a five pointer. My Nerves were settled, and I looked like the Oatley Under 11's were picking up were we left off in 2015.

In the first half, St Ives kept peppering our Try Line, a great Defensive effort which saw us win back possession, and turn Defensive into Attack. There were some great powerful runs by both the forwards and backs trying to work us out of the Red Zone. We could improve our skills around kick chases and regathering the ball, so something we will work on at Training.

At Half time, I asked the boys to think of the 22 as the try line and show the same urgency in defense that they had on the try line through out the first half. Though St Ives did get to play a bit of Football in our Red Zone, the boys seems to keep there Attack further away from the try line.

Our Attack through out the match was brilliant. When we got the ball out wide, which we did often, we made a lot of meters. A good effort from our inside back to get the ball into space and to our danger men out wide.We crossed the St Ives line many times with Chance and Will both getting Hat-Tricks and Christian Lopez getting 1 and Converting 6 /7

The final result being St Ives 10 - Oatley 47

3 Points - Christian L

2 Points - Chanze

1 Point - Hilly

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